What is an Intermatic Sprinkler Timer?

1.Meet the Intermatic Sprinkler Timer
2.Guide to the Intermatic Sprinkler Timer

Watering periods vary according to the season. In spring and fall, it is best to water in the morning. It helps to avoid the discomfort of fresh nights. In summer, do it rather in the evening. It helps to avoid the evaporation of water due to the sun. This job requires good time management. You should water at the best time of day according to the outside weather. In case of holidays or long absences, there is a risk that your plants will suffer from a lack of water. They can even burn out in the heat.

Intermatic Sprinkler Timer is the perfect solution. No need to give your keys to the neighbors anymore. You allow yourself free time to do something other than sprinkling. The bigger your backyard is, the more time you need to water it. The watering time can be set according to the current weather conditions. You only use the amount of water needed. The watering can also be more spaced out if rain is forecast. This saves a lot of water. Good news for the environment and for your savings!

Meet the Intermatic Sprinkler Timer

It is a range of electronic controls designed for gardens and other green areas. It allows you to set the time intervals at which you wish to water your lawn. Automatic watering systems of this type can be particularly useful if you are away from home a lot. It can also be a relief if you are busy doing something else. Caring for your garden takes a lot of time and energy. So it’s hard to be consistent when you have other things to do. There are different timers available on the market. The instructions vary a little depending on the model you own.

Most sprinklers have a single water outlet. But there are also sprinklers with two outlets. Those are suitable for controlling a double sprinkler system. The single-lane controller is great for the automatic watering of small lawns. It is also good for drip irrigation systems. The multi-lane one is rather designed to control underground watering installations. It operates with electro-valves placed on each line. Some timers can control up to 15 valves. Depending on the model, the Intermatic Sprinkler Timer can communicate in two ways. Either via a low-voltage cable or from a smartphone application. In this case, you only need a good wifi connexion.

Guide to the Intermatic Sprinkler Timer

Push the tab into the small opening in the yellow housing. Set the operating times for the sprinkler. A pin represents a watering time of 12 minutes. If you want a longer watering time, insert another pin. Do not skip the slots. Turn the yellow dial clockwise. Adjust the time until the correct line corresponds to the silver hand. Do not touch this silver hand. If you want to skip specific days of the week, turn the black wheel counterclockwise. Today should be at number 14. Then press the days you want to skip.

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