What are Rotor Sprinklers?

1.Rotor Sprinklers Explained
2.How Do Rotor Sprinklers Work?
3.Different Types of Rotor Sprinkles
4.Get Yours and Enjoy a Beautiful Garden!

Watering helps keep plants healthy. No lawn can survive without regular watering. Want to make the most of your green space? Then it’s essential to find the right watering method.

Rotor sprinklers can help to water a larger area. Rotor sprinklers cover a large area and are a discreet way of watering. This is a major advantage. It encourages many homes and business owners to choose this means of irrigation.You will find below useful information and practical advice. If you need further help, All American Sprinklers‘ details are at the bottom of this page.

Rotor Sprinklers Explained

Rotor sprinklers work by spreading one or more jets of water over a large area. The water spreads in a 360-degree arc. The latter can cover an entire area of water to maintain greenery and healthy crops.

Rotor sprinklers are an excellent choice for all lawn sizes. They are often used for larger areas. This allows covering a full area with water to keep the vegetation fresh, healthy and green.

Rotor sprinklers are affordable and very cost-effective. They can keep your lawn watered with very little effort on your part when used with an automatic timer.

How Do Rotor Sprinklers Work?

Hunter rotary sprinklers operate with gear transmission. Water rotates a small turbine at the base of the sprinkler that drives a set of gears that turn the nozzle head. The gear transmission is waterproof and free of impurities. When dirt enters the transmission, the system needs repair.

The most common causes are:

  • Aging
  • Excessive pressure
  • Poor water quality

Sometimes the sprinkler stops rotating and the flow of water decreases. You can try to clean the filter by removing the removable assembly from the body. Twist off the cover to remove the inner assembly. The filter at the bottom of the inner assembly is then removed with long nose pliers.

Different Types of Rotor Sprinkles

  1. Impact rotor sprinklers: These are the most common rotor sprinklers. The sprinkler head is on a holder. This allows the sprinkler to rotate. The lever swivels and strikes the sprinkler housing. This allows it to move in small increments with each stroke.
  2. Gear-driven rotors: Water pressure loves the turbine. It turns the gears to turn the nozzle. This type of sprinkler has one or more jets of water that can cover a larger area.
  3. Robot sprinklers: These sprinklers direct a stream of water to a specific area of the lawn. The size and shape of the area you wish to water is then programmed into the sprinkler system. An electric motor moves the nozzle to the designated areas. You can program these zones using a computer.

Get Yours and Enjoy a Beautiful Garden!

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