Water Well Installation Information

Groundwater Wells:

Depending on your location, the well installation service you need in Fort Lauderdale may require a well drilling rig to dig quite deep to locate the right amount of water. The quickest and simplest type of well installation is a shallow well. This is not possible in some locations, and our team must ensure the well water you receive gives the water supply needed. 

To be certain your well is correctly constructed and maintained, contact All American Sprinkler systems. All water system wells need approval from the Department of Environmental Management ahead of construction. In some instances, these wells must be of specific dimensions.  The water quality of the water is dependant upon location and depth. This well installation information should help you get the water system you need!

Well Drilling Principles

Here in Florida, we have a plentitude of freshwater just below our feet! A water well is a great option for South Florida families and businesses looking to use this natural resource to water their lawns. The cost of a water well varies based on the location you are looking to drill, the system you want to be installed, and the drilling depth needed for well installation. The total region of the well ought to be at least 9 square feet. Once installed on your property, it will nicely finish off the outside of your house, complementing the landscaping around your home.

well drilling service     Individuals may set up protective devices, including rings of brightly colored posts around the well or a well house in locations where the casing is inclined to be struck by farm vehicles or by individuals that are unaware of the presence of the well.

When starting the well installation process, we begin with a starter hole created by a post-hole digger. We then use a drilling rig until we hit the water supply. After drilling the hole for the well, it will be cased, and a well pump will be installed. 

well drillingMany residents prefer using a water well to irrigate their lawn as it saves money. Regardless of how careful a homeowner is about watering schedules, watering a lawn consumes many gallons of water. This can be quite pricey when using city water. A well, however, only has the initial installation cost and the small cost of electricity needed to run the pump.  The pump will be mounted on a base plate or foundation in a way that will protect against dust and insects from getting into the well. Even so, Well users should periodically test water quality to check for water contamination. Submersible pumps will have a minimum of one check valve found in the discharge pump column pipe.

Pumps are pretty hearty, but there are times when a pump will simply quit working. Call All American Sprinkler for all installation and pump repair needs! We can get your water well working again in no time!

Some individuals are looking to get drinking water from their wells.  In most cases, we find better water from a deep well as deep wells are less likely to infiltrated with surface contamination. Before drinking, water has to be tested again to verify it’s safe to drink. Make certain that you have your well water tested frequently for contamination if you use the well for drinking!

Well Drilling Installation Services & Issues

The last thing you want is contaminated water well. Wells drilled at too shallow of a depth or drilled near septic tanks risk contamination. In our modern society, water becomes contaminated easily from paint, fertilizers, animal fecal matter, and motor oil washing down drains.

A well pump takes water up from an underground resource but does not filter the water for drinking.  A properly installed system with well drilling done to an appropriate depth can reduce contamination chances. Damage to your house water supply after a storm is common in Florida, and we know being out of water is not so great. A very simple repair may get costly if unprofessional repair teams attempt to repair your well pump or water well. 

Reliable results depend on several elements. Contact us today at all American Sprinklers, we are here to help!

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