Affordable Well Drilling Near Me

Thanks to its proximity to water, Florida has more natural lakes than any other American state. As per data, Florida has over 30,000 lakes covering almost 3 million acres of land. There is so much water around, but many Floridians still depend on water wells for clean drinking water and watering their lawns. The Florida Department of Health has declared that there are nearly 33 waterborne diseases in Florida. If you’ve been fed up with chemical-laden city water and are searching for affordable well drilling near me, we are here to help!

Florida’s city water supply is filled with allowable amounts of chemicals used to clean the water and costs much more than simply using the freshwater available. As the prices of city water supply keep increasing, it might become a burden on your pocket. Water well drilling might sound a good option in such a scenario. At All American Sprinkler, we offer full-service well drilling ranging from drilling and pump installation to labor, equipment, and more. Request free well drilling estimation online and get the best customer service guaranteed.


What is Geothermal Drilling?

What is Geothermal Drilling? Water wells are pretty simple. You dig a hole to reach water level, install a pump, water storage system, and you start getting water. Geothermal wells are not different in drilling, but their processing is different. Geothermal wells use the earth’s natural temperature to heat your water.

Our professional well drilling contractors at All American sprinklers are OSHA certified and can help you with all sorts of well drilling projects. From regular pump services such as water pump installation or repair to installing a complete well system, we will ensure great service in an economical way. If you are searching for trusted well drilling near me, request a free estimation or get connected via phone to learn more.

Why Do You Need A Well In Florida?

Why Do You Need A Well In Florida?  It is estimated that around 1 million households rely on private wells in Florida for drinking water. While most Floridians opt for private wells due to increasing city water supply costs, most people consider it to get fresh drinking water round-the-clock. Here are some prime benefits of drilling a well in Florida and its surrounding areas.

It Saves Money

Having a private well will save a lot by cutting expenses on chemical-filled city-water supply. You will have to find drilling contracts, get equipment, but that’s a one-time investment. 

You Get Fresh Water

Once you get your own water well, you don’t have to worry about the freshness of the city water supply. You can access fresh water anytime. Additionally, it is suitable for your health and keeps your kitchen appliances pristine.

Continuous Water Supply

There could be many reasons like pipe leakage or water line repair that may hamper your city water supply, but a well will provide fresh water constantly. Your water well will be available 24×7 

It Covers All Your Water Needs

With a private water well on your property, you can get a 24×7 water supply for all your needs. You can use its water to wash your car, drink, water your lawn, or for other things.

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Best Well Drilling In Florida and Surrounding Areas

Best Well Drilling In Florida and Surrounding Areas  If you have decided to drill a well on your property and are looking for “the best well drilling near me,” you have reached the right place. Here at All American Sprinklers, we are among the few full-service well drilling contractors that provide first-class well drilling services at the best price.

We have modern machinery, state-of-the-art equipment and abide by the Florida well construction regulations. We are the most preferred option for well drilling and related services, from standard water storage systems installation to water pumps repair and more. Our water well drilling expertise is based on 25 years of broad experience in commercial, residential well drilling services. Our partnered drilling companies have professional crew certified by the National Ground Water Association.

Need reliable well drilling companies in Florida? Get connected to us via phone for a free consultation!

What Is The Cost of Well Drilling in Florida?

What Is The Cost of Well Drilling in Florida?   Multiple factors are involved in well drilling, making it tough to get the exact cost of drilling a well in Florida. The cost might vary based on various factors, but it greatly depends on the soil types or the depth of the well. If you are drilling a well on rocky or sandy ground, it will require more time and money. The same goes for the depth of the well. As per law, a well can be as deep as 1000 ft in Florida. However, the majority of wells are dug between 100 to 450 ft. The deeper the well is, the more is its cost.

What Is The Average Depth of Water Well?

What Is The Average Depth of Water Well?The average depth of a well might vary from state to state. If you are looking to drill a well in Florida, make sure your well is drilled at the right level to avoid saltwater intrusion. Additionally, it depends on the purpose as well. Whether you need a well for drinking water or everyday needs, it will also affect the depth of your well.

Apart from the depth of your water well, another significant factor that affects the cost is which well drilling company you choose. There are plenty of well drilling contractors offering low-rate services, but they often don’t have experience or blunt equipment. If a well is not drilled professionally, it might cause problems in the future. Backed with years of experience and high-end tools, All American Sprinklers can save you extra dollars on after-drilling repairs.