Water Well Drilling – Dos and Don’ts

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Luckily for us, water is available almost everywhere, especially in Florida. However, a minimal amount of surface water is available for us to use as-is. As per a report by the Bureau of Reclamation, only about 0.5% of the earth’s surface water is fresh, but it is not accessible to everyone. So, we have to rely on all sources for obtaining fresh water. 

Most of us depend on the water supply from government sources for domestic use, but it is expensive and honestly unnecessary to have treated water to irrigate our lawn or garden. We need to find an alternate water source, and well drilling is an excellent source of water supply.

What are the dos and donts when drilling a well, and how do you find a reliable well drilling company near you? Well, you don’t need to look any further than All American Sprinklers. Call us on (954) 642-6680.


How to Choose the Best Site for Your Well?How to Choose the Best Site for Your Well?

Finding the best site for drilling water well is crucial. You can’t find a well drilling spot everywhere. It requires you to keep a few things in mind.

Check the guidelines of authorities.

It’s crucial to check the guidelines from the local authorities. It will ensure you are not violating any rules. Violating the regulations might lead to legal action against you. At All American Sprinklers, we follow all local and state rules for finding the proper drilling site!

Find a Professional water well drilling company.

You must find a professional water well drilling company such as All American Sprinklers because it requires expertise to select the spot for well drilling. They know the dos don’ts of well drilling.

Maintain a distance of at least 100 feet

Ensure the company you choose drills at least 100 feet away from any drainage system or contaminated water source. It will ensure the well water is free from contaminants, chemicals, pesticides, and bacteria.

What Should You Not Do with Well Water?What Should You Not Do with Well Water?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, it’s essential to regularly test your well water to ensure no contamination from hazardous pollutants. However, it is better not to do a few things with well water.

  • Avoid drinking well water as it may contain harmful metals like lead, arsenic, and others. 
  • Don’t use well water in mechanical or electrical work as they contain some traces of metals that can cause corrosion and damage your devices and machines. 
  • Don’t wash your new clothes with well water as it contains traces of iron that can make your clothes yellow-tinted

How to Know When You Have Found Water While Drilling a Well?How to Know When You Have Found Water While Drilling a Well?

Drilling a well is not enough. It’s critical to know how deep you need to drill to find water. This drilling know-how is not easy and requires professional expertise. Most people have an idea if there are some nearby water wells; however, that water source may not always be reliable. 

Once a site is located, and drilling has started, expertise to know when you hit a reliable water source is necessary. The groundwater level is not always the same, even in homes next to one another. Hiring our professionals at All American Sprinklers is the best way to know when to stop drilling. All American Sprinklers have helped thousands of people with their well drilling needs. 

Get the best well installation tips from our experts. Get in touch with us at (954) 642-6680 for the best wells installation tips.

Do's and Don'ts To Maintain a Healthy Well Water SystemDo’s and Don’ts To Maintain a Healthy Well Water System

Maintaining a healthy and safe well water system is not easy. You need to follow a few dos and don’ts to keep your well water free from bacteria, chemicals, pollutants, and other contaminants.


  • Get the well water quality checked at least once a year by professionals
  • Notice if there is any change in color or odor of the well water
  • While watering the surrounding landscapes, ensure it does not reach the water well
  • In case of waterlogging near your well water system, get the water checked before using it


  • While drilling your water well, don’t go for random contractors. Find professionals who will install the pump and pipes correctly.
  • Don’t put liquid chlorine in your water well. It will corrode the metals in your well water system.
  • Don’t use any water softener or chemical without consulting a health professional.

How Do I Take Care of My Well Water?How Do I Take Care of My Well Water?

Once you dug your well, it is essential to know how to take care of the water. Regular checking of the water is crucial to ensure it is healthy and usable. You should keep every kind of hazardous material like pesticides, fertilizer, paints, and others away from the water. You must ensure that it is away from your sewage system. 

The most essential thing is to get your water quality checked regularly to ensure the quality is not getting deteriorated.

Should a Well Be Covered?Should a Well Be Covered?

Yes, keep the well covered always to ensure flies, leaves, garbage, and other contaminants stay out. An uncovered well will attract garbage, flies, and many other pollutants. Many times, animals or plants fall into uncovered wells, risking the chances of death and decomposition in your water. This type of contamination makes the water unhealthy. 

All American Sprinklers can help you with the best tips on covering your well to ensure water quality remains suitable for a long time.

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