Things to do in Sunrise, Florida

1.Family Activities
2.Eating Out

The city of Sunrise has a lot to offer. Here are a couple of things to do in Sunrise, Florida.

Family Activities

  • America’s Escape Game

Several rooms, several teams, but only one goal: escape. Bring your adventure and solve puzzles with friends and family to try to escape in an hour or less. The rooms and clues are smart and challenging. It’s a very exciting challenge. You have to be as quick as possible, communicate well with your group, and above all not lose patience.

  • Flippo’s

If you have children under the age of 10, this is the perfect place for them to let off steam. There’s a section for toddlers where you can relax and know that children can take care of themselves. There are many climbing areas and a laser beam. Adults are also allowed to climb and slide with the children. There is a nice area for children under 3 years old too.

  • Fox Observatory

This charming and educational astronomy observatory site is now located in Markham Park. This park also has a campground, so you can get to the observatory from the campground. The staff here will inform you about all the celestial bodies and telescopes. They will also inform you and help you with your personal telescope.

  • BB&T Center

Very nice arena to attend a Panther hockey game or other events. Dive into a nice collective atmosphere, and the service at the bar is very fast. Excellent reception organization. Besides, parking is pretty simple. It’s right across the street from the Sawgrass Mall.

Eating Out

  • Grand Lux Cafe

Would you like lunch? Dinner? Brunch? All options are possible in the Grand Lux Café. It also converts into a bar and stays open late at night. So you can go there at any time, with anyone, for any reason.

  • Sawgrass Mills

All brands are present. It’s a mine of bargains, but you have to know the original prices because some stores are not all outlets. There are also a lot of nice restaurants like the Zinburger Wine and Burger Bar. It’s both a gourmet brasserie and a bar. Affordable and convenient in this large shopping mall.

  • The Cheesecake Factory

The restaurant offers an impressive list of dishes. There is pasta, Mexican dishes, chicken, fish. Vegetarians and vegans are also welcome. This place is open until late, so you are not limited in time.

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