Things to do in Coral Springs, Florida

Eating Out
Cultural Visits
Family Activities

« Everything Under the Sun » is the motto of Coral Springs, Florida. But the weather is not the only thing that Coral Springs has to offer. Enjoy a variety of activities to do either alone, or with friends and family.

Eating Out

  • Big Bear Brewing Company

Clean, spacious, and warm restaurant. The staff is well trained and works as a team, an important part of the fine operation of a restaurant. The food is first class. The cuisine is always made with fresh produce and well presented. There is an indoor and outdoor room, depending on your preferences. So there is good value for money.

  • The Melting Pot

Affordable fondue restaurant. The staff is welcoming and always ready to help you with your choices. The atmosphere is friendly. It’s a good choice for a night out in Coral Springs, whether with family or friends.

Cultural Visits

  • Coral Springs Museum of Art

Divers nouveaux artistes sont présentés régulièrement. De nombreux événements spéciaux sont organisés, donc vous pouvez y retourner à volonté. C’est une façon agréable de passer l’après-midi.

  • Coral Springs Center for the Arts

This place is the perfect mix of education, culture, and entertainment. It offers new artistic perspectives. You will be pleasantly surprised by the talents on display. There is something for everyone. You will find all industries and types of events:

  1. Galleries
  2. Performances
  3. Concerts
  4. Festivals

Family Activities

  • Sportsplex At Coral Springs

Sporting activity is a very important part of our daily view. It not only relieves the pressure of the work environment. But it also contributes to your health. It is thus beneficial for both your mind and your physique. It is also important to introduce children to sport at an early age. This develops their ability to:

  1. Cooperate in a group
  2. Their determination and resourcefulness
  3. A sense of competition and surpassing oneself.

Whether on a regular basis or as a weekend outing, go to the Sportsplex in Coral Springs. This place offers, among other things:

  1. 10 pools
  2. 49 parks
  3. 11 synthetic athletic fields
  • Tall Cypress Natural Area

It’s a quiet, serene place, and with landscapes that will blow your mind. Go there for your daily walk or family weekend stroll. This park doesn’t have a reputation for being too overcrowded. You’ll find yourself face to face with nature. Enjoy an incredible intimate encounter with the wildlife of Coral Springs.

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