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Sprinkler System Repair

1.Understanding the Components for Sprinkler System Repair Fort Lauderdale
2.Well Drillers
4.Irrigation System

Understanding the Components for Sprinkler System Repair Fort Lauderdale

There’s no denying every homeowner dreams of a lush, well-manicured lawn. Green grass free from weeds and unsightly bare spots. Fort Lauderdale’s sun, however, is repeatedly unmerciful. Lawns fall victim to the blistering sun, enduring long, hot, dry days without an adequate moisture supply, our precious lawns soon wither and die. 

Installing and maintaining a sprinkler system is just a fact of life for Fort Lauderdale Florida homeowners wishing to retain their lush landscaping. This sounds easy enough, but what happens when your sprinkler system no longer cuts the mustard? There are three primary reasons a sprinkler system may need repair and the pros at All American Sprinklers have streamlined each of these reasons for homeowners below:

Well Drillers:

Something may have happened with your existing well. Fort Lauderdale is fortunate to be located above the Floridan Aquifer which in laymen terms means that we have access to water just below the surface. The question for well drillers is where that water is located and how far below the surface does it lie? A professional well driller will ascertain the type of soil of your unique property. They should ask homeowners what intentions are for use of the water as there is a big difference between utilizing a well for lawn irrigation and drilling for your family’s drinking water. Once a new well is functioning or the old well is repaired, the sprinklers should be up and running again with very little needed support.

Well drillers will also scrutinize the requirements for any structural components of the well to ensure that the well remains secure and viable. This is really just a ‘Reader’s Digest Version’ of the elementary segments considered and investigated by well drillers but gives you a basic idea of the process.


Old sprinkler systems may need replacing. Sprinkler systems are the answer to many Floriday homeowners’ prayers. With the ability to control and monitor watering habits, sprinkler systems provide adequate moisture to your eternally grateful grass and greenery. However, if homeowners begin to notice base spots and brown patches in their luscious lawns, this could be an indication that all is not well with the existing system. That is of course if the sprinkler system is correctly placed and the local dog population is not using the said yard as their personal porta-potty. These spots, unfortunately, are telltale signs indicating you may need a bit of expert advice regarding what is going on and how to most efficiently remedy the situation for the least amount out of the pocket expense.

Sometimes sprinkler repair is a quick fix. A clogged spray head nozzle, time for a tune-up or simply ‘old-age’. Nothing lasts forever, and sprinkler systems are no different.  Regular maintenance aids in the longevity of your sprinkler system‘s life. If you are ahead of the game, you pay attention and note any changes to water distribution or quality stopping serious fixes needing to be made.

Irrigation System:

Your old irrigation system may need replacing. Irrigation systems are the creme brulee for Fort Lauderdale homeowners. With seemingly effortless precision, a well-installed irrigation system distributes water evenly over the parameter of your lawn, minimizing waste. With everything underground, irrigation systems are also extremely aesthetically pleasing. 

No worries about your child running over hoses with the lawnmower, or accidentally arranging your perfect sprinkler placement. A word for the wise, however, when installing an irrigation system, be very careful while digging. Dig too deep, and you may splice a line, ending up with more than a shovelful of dirt in your face.

When accurately maintained, an irrigation system flows smoothly. Quality installation and components ensure that the life expectancy of your irrigation system is approximately twenty years, with certain elements functioning for forty years or more. Routine maintenance will ensure that your irrigation system flows according to plan.


All American Sprinklers is the best sprinkler repair system service in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Providing homeowners with viable solutions for well-watered lawns and gardens. Our professionals offer installation, maintenance, and repair packages. Call us today.

Sprinkler System Repair, Irrigation Maintenance or Well Drilling in Fort Lauderdale Florida? Call All American Sprinklers Today!

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