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The garden is one of the most important parts of a house. It gives all the charm to the property. To achieve an even more impressive effect, the lawn must be well maintained. Every house owner knows this. A well-kept, green and shiny lawn impresses as much as luxury architecture.

The most important part of maintenance is watering the lawn. It sounds simple but requires regular maintenance. Watering is necessary every day. That’s why the best solution is an automatic irrigation system.

As with everything in a house, the irrigation system will break after some time. The sprinkler head is the most vulnerable as it often gets damaged when you mow the lawn. The filter can burst because of the water pressure. You might not realize this at first, but it will have consequences on your lawn. Water will go to waste, and the grass will get damaged.

Best Sprinkler Repair in Fort Lauderdale

All American Sprinklers is a full service licensed irrigation company in Fort Lauderdale. We serve both commercial and residential properties. Our irrigation technicians are well trained and experienced. They specialize in all types of systems. Sprinklers, heads, timers, valves. Name any irrigation system, we have it covered.

These devices can be defective. In this case, the water cannot reach the desired plants. So you have to irrigate them yourself. This is a great waste of time, a waste of money and a waste of energy. Sometimes up to half of the water goes to waste.

Besides repairing the leak, our team can also inspect the entire system. This will prevent you from discovering new leaks every week. Even if you think everything is working well, you might have missed something. A professional knows what to look for.

We Repair Your Irrigation System

How the sprinkler system will get repaired depends on the type of machine you have. Repairing a garden hose is going to be different than fixing an underground system. The same goes for semi-automated and automated systems. The latter requires emergency repair.

Sprinkler repair is necessary in the following cases. If the hoses clog with debris or are dirty. If the sprinkler head no longer lifts. If the sprinkler head no longer rotates. If the sprinkler heads have been once bumped. A simple kick can cause serious damage. As you can see, this is the most fragile part of an irrigation system.

You should also be aware that the colder it is outside, the greater the risk of damage. In this case, wait until the end of winter before calling a professional. Unless it’s an emergency.

All American Sprinklers at your service

Are you in this situation? Do you need a sprinkler head repair? If yes, are you wondering where is that sprinkler system repair near me? Or are you looking for well-drilling? Whatever the situation, do not wait anymore. Contact us at 954-642-6680.

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