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Are you looking for water well drilling installation or repair services in Florida? Do you need a professional well rig for refurbishing or repair service? Well, you’ve found the best place. At All American Sprinklers, our fully trained and experienced service technicians offer regular maintenance, repair, and refurbishing service to your drilling rigs, pumps, and drilling equipment – regardless of the manufacturer.

Our service crew is a team of qualified local engineers with years of experience in providing quality sprinkler repair, well drilling services, and maintenance of water wells in Florida. We leverage years of expertise and the latest technology to get results quickly. 

Speak to our experts over the phone via our website to learn more about our drill rig repair and installation services.

How Does A Water Well Drilling Rig Work?How Does A Water Well Drilling Rig Work?

A well drilling rig is a large piece of equipment designed to drill through the layers of hard and soft rock of Earth’s crust. Our portable water well drilling rigs are brought to the site by truck and placed on the predetermined site where the well is to be drilled or dug. Drilling rigs are rotary drillers, which go down into the earth in a circular motion. A rotary drill uses multiple bits. 

The most common types of bits are long cable bits or interlocking bits – both rotate clockwise to bore into the earth by loosening the soil. While the turning bit often gets hot, water or mud is used to keep the drill bits cool.

The goal of well drilling is to reach the water source deep below the ground, but that’s not where the drill stops. To ensure smooth and constant water pressure, the drilling company continues to drill below the water table. Drilling rigs come in various sizes, and the price might vary depending on the well depth.

All American Sprinklers’ well-drilling services are available in all South Florida locations.

Services We Offer At All American SprinklersServices We Offer At All American Sprinklers

With a professional team of technicians, we have served the water well industry for over a decade. We’ve handled and completed thousands of drilling rig repairs at a reasonable cost. We are a BBB-accredited company that you can rely on for the proper completion of a job from start to finish. You can phone us for the following services:

  • Equipment Repair

Equipment failure does happen. Even in the best-drilled wells, servicing may become necessary. Our technicians specialize in rendering repair services for all water wells in FL. 

  • Sprinkler Repair

All American Sprinklers does more than just repair, transform and customize all types of water well drilling rigs. We can also test, repair, and transform your sprinkler system or supporting well equipment. 

We understand that Florida lawns require water throughout the year to flourish and survive in the hot Florida sun! Let us make sure that all of your well and sprinkler equipment is in working condition.

  • New & Used Equipment

We have a comprehensive collection of new and used parts, equipment, pumps, and more. If it is something used for sprinkler repair or well drilling, chances are we have it! If it is not available now, we’ll get it and install it as soon as possible. 

You can count on All American Sprinklers for any new or used part for any sprinkler or well in Florida.

You can contact us over the phone or fill out the online form to get a call. Besides repair and maintenance services, we can install and support rust prevention, irrigation lines, pumps, and timers.

Is It Legal To Drill Your Own Well In Florida?Is It Legal To Drill Your Own Well In Florida?

Yes, it is entirely legal to have a well drilled in Florida. However, the individuals need to comply with local or state laws. While it seems a complicated process, Floridians often hire professional well drilling companies in Florida, like All American Sprinklers.

How Much Is A Water Well Drilling?How Much Is A Water Well Drilling?

Pricing of water well drilling is entirely dependent upon the needs of your location. Depth, complexity, and composition of the land play a considerable part in pricing. We cannot give an average cost because costs can vary greatly! The land is not the same from one yard to the next, so the services required would vary. 

The most accurate way to estimate your needs is to call us to come out for a quote.

Is it more To Drill A Water Well In Florida?Is it more To Drill A Water Well In Florida?

State location can make a difference in pricing. Still, Florida’s water table is actually higher than most states, and Florida has many natural aquifers underground for us to tap into. This typically means Florida well drilling prices can be less than other states. 

The cost of drilling wells varies greatly based on the depth needed. Once the depth is determined, there are many things to be considered when figuring the cost of drilling a water well in Florida. Underground piping, installing casing, and well caps can also fluctuate the cost. 

Purchasing a water well pump can be a costly affair, but we can’t give an accurate price without first seeing your location and exploring your needs. You can speak to our experts to learn more about the cost of well drilling in Florida.

How Long Does It Take To Drill A Well In Florida?How Long Does It Take To Drill A Well In Florida?

A well drilling process completion duration can vary from a half-day to three days or longer. The drilling time is affected by many factors, such as drilling difficulties, surface, drilling formation, and weather. All of these factors can vary from site to site and well to well.

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Whether you are looking for the services of a water well drilling rig in Florida or professional water sprinkler repair, All American Sprinklers is available to understand your needs and answer all your questions. Call us today!

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