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1.Why Do Sprinklers Rust?
2.How to Prevent Rust in a Sprinkler?
3.Who to Call if Rust Starts on a Sprinkler?
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We are all familiar with the chore of watering potted plants, gardens, and other lawns. Who hasn’t seen their beautiful plants die for lack of regular watering? Good news! Automatic sprinklers are perfect for you. They won’t fail to water your precious plants with regularity.

Although this sprinkler system is very effective for lawn care, it must be always taken care of. The level of maintenance required depends on the quality of the system installed. But there are certain maintenance services that you shouldn’t miss.Do you have rust stains on or around your sprinkler? Keep reading to learn about sprinkler rust prevention. If the damage is pretty important already, contact All American Sprinklers.

Why Do Sprinklers Rust?

Why do sprinklers rust? The older your sprinkler is, the more attention it needs. Sprinkler heads are often rusty because of the calcium in the water. Sometimes the valves can be also affected. One of the most abundant chemical elements in soil and groundwater is iron. Iron causes rust because it oxidizes when it is sometimes exposed to air and moisture. This often happens in areas where the water is rich in minerals. Sprinklers are often made of cast iron. This makes them all the more prone to corrosion.

How to Prevent Rust in a Sprinkler?

How to prevent rust in a sprinkler? Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Locate iron or rusty objects
  2. Find those that have spread rust
  3. Test your water
  4. Treat it if necessary/possible

When you are well enough informed on these points, you will be able to identify the best method to remove the rust. Remember that to remove the problem in an effective way, you must filter and oxidize iron. You can use catalytic elements for this.

This intervention requires a careful eye at the very least. The best solution is to consult a water and irrigation specialist. This person will be well-trained for sprinkler rust prevention.

Who to Call if Rust Starts on a Sprinkler?

Who to Call if Rust Starts on a Sprinkler? Rust can reduce the flow of water through the valves. If this happens, the affected parts are in need of replacement as soon as possible. But there are preventive measures that you can take to reduce the risk of this happening.

There are, for example, rust inhibitors. They are often formulated to neutralize the iron in the water at its source. You must be careful with the product you choose. Some can be dangerous to your plants.

Having trouble getting rid of rust on your watering system? Or you’re not sure you’ve found the main cause? Don’t worry. All American Sprinklers understands the need to protect your home from rust. Specialized teams will help you no matter how serious the problem is.

Call All American Sprinklers Now!

The All American crew is going to be here to assist you for all your sprinkler support needs.

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