How To water your Landscape During Windy Season?

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Sprinkler Repair Fort Lauderdale

During the windy day, it is challenging for your sprinkler system spray to water your landscape. Strong winds force the water to travel from spray heads through the air to your landscape, causing more water to waste. This water waste causes the amount being delivered to the proper landscape. It will result in over or less watered grass and plants or the water being transfer to the area that is not in need. Such as sidewalk driveways, fences and other areas of your surroundings. In this way, you may ask what is the best options you need to lessen or eliminate the high amount of your water waste? 

Smart Controllers

There are certain smart controllers through WiFi connection available in the market today. Through local weather stations that are broadcasting real-time weather data. If very bad conditions exist, such as high winds. The smart controller will automatically pause that schedule watering time until the winds have died down. 

Drip Irrigations Solutions

For a strong windy area, the most efficient watering solution is a drip irrigation system. This engineer delivers slow drips of water directly to the root zones of your favorite trees, flowers shrubs, and grass. Traditional spray heads are different from drip irrigation lines. That delivers moisture directly to the soil, which not affects by high winds.

This type can retrofit to most sprinkler systems as a single zone. Or is an entirely new system that is custom-designed to your landscape. For a knowledgeable owner is certainly capable of installing drip tubing themselves, the process needs extensive knowledge of the irrigation system. With proper pressure load balance, coverage area layout, and time. 


Another type of useful way of irrigations during the windy season is bubblers. A designed specifically for small, confined landscaping areas, like pots and small container gardens. This type enables a sprinkler system to target these very specific areas of your landscaping that needs special attention.

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