How do oscillating lawn sprinklers work?

Make Your Life Easier and Go For Oscillating Lawn Sprinklers
How Are Oscillating Lawn Sprinklers Made?
How do oscillating lawn sprinklers work?
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Sprinkler irrigation is a very popular watering technique today. There are different types of sprinklers for this irrigation technique. The oscillating sprinkler is one of them.

You can distinguish two types of sprinklers :

  1. Mobile lawn sprinkler for surface irrigation
  2. Fixed lawn sprinkler for underground networks

The oscillating sprinkler is part of the first type, which is surface irrigation. It produces a fan-shaped and high jet of water. It is one of the most used sprinklers today. Get your own today! Contact All American Sprinklers for your irrigation system installation.

Make Your Life Easier and Go For Oscillating Lawn Sprinklers

The use of the oscillating sprinkler promises many advantages:

  • Easy to use with a good range
  • Does not need any special installation, unlike underground watering
  • Coupled with a timer, you can automate your irrigation
  • We can move it to other corners of the garden to water it
  • If it is adjustable, you will be able to adapt your watering to the surface to be all watere

How Are Oscillating Lawn Sprinklers Made?

The oscillating lawn sprinklers can be now made from a variety of materials. The best-selling models are often made from very inexpensive materials. The price-performance ratio is unbelievable, no matter which model you choose. The most common materials are aluminum, rubber, and plastic. All materials that arrive at the factory are well inspected. This ensures that they meet the manufacturer’s specifications and state standards. On top of that, there is little waste in the manufacture of simple oscillating sprinklers.

How do oscillating lawn sprinklers work?

Oscillating lawn sprinklers are a very simple device to use.

  1. The water flows through an aluminum tube
  2. It is then sprayed through the nozzles
  3. The cam pushes the tube back and forth

Why does it have a heart-shaped cam instead of a shaft? A shaft would cause both ends of the spray to receive much more water than the middle. Imagine a cylinder that moves up and down in an internal combustion engine. The engine is slow at the ends of its path, and fast when it is in the middle. The situation is alike for the spray tube. The heart-shaped cam balances the process and ensures its regularity.

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