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Well construction is a specialist process that requires drilling a hole in the ground. The city water and groundwater in North Central Florida are considerably different from the rest of the state. An irrigation well can be used to water your lawn instead of relying on the city’s water supply. These wells can help you save money on water, boost the value of your home, and are suitable for the environment. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” when we talk about Florida well drilling, so it’s crucial to know how to go about drilling companies.

Drilling a well in Central Florida will pay for itself in just a few years. Contact All American Sprinklers to ensure that your well is properly constructed and maintained. Before installing a well pump, you’ll need approval from the Department of Environmental Management on all Florida well construction. Get a quote upfront, as well as a guarantee of high-quality, well-drilling service.


South Florida’s top-rated well drilling companySouth Florida’s top-rated well drilling company

Well drilling is the job of an expert and competent well drilling professional. 

At All American Sprinklers, we proudly complete and maintain well-drilling services in areas such as Broward County, Miami, and Palm Beach. We ensure our work in south Florida is completed to perfection. Our well drilling service for Florida’s residents makes us the best well drilling company.

All American Sprinklers in South Florida has several years of experience working with groundwater. From our well installation services to our sprinkler system installation and repair services, we do it all.

Specialized well drilling company in FloridaSpecialized well drilling company in Florida

Thanks to prominent metropolitan regions such as Fort Lauderdale and expanding retirement communities, South Florida’s population continues to rise at a breakneck pace. As the population grows, so does the demand for water. 

Many people realize the advantages of owning a water well when it comes to lawn irrigation. A water well is essentially a hole dug to extract water from an aquifer. Watering your lawn with well water means you are not paying for city water for your yard to remain healthy. YOu are simply paying for the electricity required to run the pump.  

We at  All American Sprinklers specialize in drilling water wells for a range of residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. Residential water well requirements align with the South Florida Water Management District’s “chapter 373.title 40. (SFWMD).”

The cost to drill a well in Florida?The cost to drill a well in Florida?

The professional installation of a domestic well, including the pump, can be costly. The cost of constructing a well depends on several variables. It can vary significantly based on the drilling companies you choose, the amount of water you want, the depth of the well, the pressure of the water, and the geographical location. 

The price of installing an irrigation well on a farm could be substantially higher because the setup will be much larger than a residential setup and would require more equipment.

Aside from the cost of drilling the well, there may be additional expenditures for related work such as trenching and electrical cabling.

Is it possible to drill your own well in Florida?Is it possible to drill your own well in Florida?

Creating an irrigation well is similar to digging a well for drinking water, except that instead of being pumped into the house, the water is distributed through a sprinkler system. A shallow well uses groundwater, but an artesian well is a system that involves drilling a deep well into bedrock. 

It can be buried beneath rocks or landscaping, and it won’t be noticeable in the usual yard once it’s placed. An 18-inch capped pipe will usually extend from the ground and away from the house.

This is pretty technical work that requires heavy machinery and knowledge. It is best to leave your well-drilling service needs to the experts at All American Sprinkler and Repair.

Do I need to get a permit to drill my own well in Florida?Do I need to get a permit to drill my own well in Florida?

Setting up a well involves obtaining the required permits from the local city civic authorities, and a competent contractor can help you with the process.

Before consuming water from a well, you’ll also need to get a groundwater permit. Several states demand that an application for water use be filed together with a map of the proposed development site before the actual work can begin.

Water from a well should be tested to see whether it requires filtration before drinking. We suggest all water wells used for drinking are connected to a filtration system of some sort, simply because your well water will not be as regularly tested as city water is.

How much time will it take to drill a well in Florida?How much time will it take to drill a well in Florida?

To get to the freshwater aquifer under the ground, we use a large industrial power drill. This typically involves drilling down several dozen feet.

Once we’ve reached the aquifer, we insert a carbon steel casing into the hole to capture the water. The well is then sealed against outside contaminants by pouring cement or grout into the hole around the casing for a solid fit. 

We usually leave your commercial or residential property as clean as we received it within 1-3 days.

Call (954) 642-6680 for your Florida well drilling needs

Drilling a well is a significant project, so you want to be sure you do it right the first time. All American Sprinklers specializes in well drilling, water pumps, sprinkler repair, irrigation systems, and other related services. Give us a call at (954) 642- 6680 if you’re considering drilling a well on your property.

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