What Should You Know About Digging A Well For Sprinkler System?

Whether you maintain a large garden or a small lawn in your backyard, chances are you have installed an irrigation system for year-round watering needs. If you rely on the city water supply for water needs, watering the yard can be a hassle. It not only takes your time away with kinking hoses and making sure you covers every surface of your yard, but also increases your water bill. Having a dedicated irrigation well for your lawn watering needs can effectively reduce your water bills and dependability on the state’s water supply. If you have plans to expand your landscaping or add a new section in your yard, you can trust our experts for digging a well for sprinkler system

 Having your own well will help you save time and reduce monthly utility costs. As a trusted well drilling company in South Florida, we have certified and highly trained technicians with expertise in installing all types of water and irrigation wells. Wonder how much it costs to have your own well drilled? Request a free estimate online or call us to learn more about irrigation wells.


How Does Irrigation Work in South Florida?

Sprinkler Repair Service in South Florida, Digging A Well For Sprinkler System  Irrigation wells are very similar to residential wells that have been drilled to provide drinking water, except an irrigation well feeds into your sprinkler system. It includes a PVC pipe, shallow well pump, and is drilled especially to meet your ever-changing lawn watering needs. As a reliable well drilling company in South Florida, we assess your needs and drill an irrigation well accordingly. 

Typical irrigation wells have a well screen at the bottom to draw water. It also has a non-perforated casing, called a drill pipe, directly connected to the screen and the shallow water pump. Expert drilling service contractors usually drill deeper in irrigation wells, which is why the water is untreated but filled with required minerals.

Unlike regular wells, irrigation wells have a single casing and draw water for use in your yard. The plants consume the required water, and then it is returned to the ground, promoting water conservation.

What is Involved in Irrigation Well Drilling?

What Should You Know About Digging A Well For Sprinkler System?    If you have decided to dig your own water well at your property, we can help with our NGWA-approved plumbers and well drilling experts. We initially start with looking at the ground composition on your property and will walk through the property to check the well location. Over the past 25 years, we have drilled different sizes and depths of irrigation wells across South Florida, so whatever your needs, we can help!

After the site inspection, our experts will decide the best placement for the well. We will brief you on the equipment we might need to drill the well at your property during this and keep you informed of pricing. Our requirements might vary depending on the following factors.

Depth of your water well

At All American Sprinklers, we have 25-years of experience in drilling irrigation wells. We have drilled all sizes of wells, some at the top rock of the aquifer and others at much more shallow depths. The depth of your water well makes a huge difference in the water returned.  

Size of your lawn

Our qualified well drilling experts count on our successful practices to perform a hassle-free job. We understand that everyone has different watering needs; therefore, we always include this in our discussion and plan accordingly.

Ready to drill your own water well? Trust All American Sprinklers for qualified services at the best rates. Wonder about the cost of drilling a well for sprinkler system? Request free online quotes or contact us via phone to learn more!

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Benefits of Drilling a Well for Sprinkler System

Benefits of Drilling a Well for Sprinkler System  Florida’s city water supply is often hit hard, usually in the summer. This can lead to necessary restrictions on water usage. If you are worried about watering your lawn, drilling a well for sprinkler system can help. Irrigation wells have many benefits, including reduced dependability in city water supply, low water bill, and other costs associated with using state water wells. Here are the benefits of having your own water well for a sprinkler system.

  • Reduced water costs
  • Clean water – no chlorine or other chemicals
  • Boost overall property value
  • Helps environment
  • Promotes water conservation

How Much Does It Cost to Dig A Well In Florida?

Digging A Well For Sprinkler System  If you are looking into the cost of digging a well for sprinkler system, let’s have a look at the numbers. If you are an active gardener and have been using the city water supply for watering your lawn, drilling a well for sprinkler system will have an upfront cost, but will definitely reduce money and time spent on city water.

When discussing the cost of drilling irrigation wells, the cost might vary depending on multiple factors, including the depth of the well and the equipment required in the installation.

How Deep Should A Well Be?

There are two types of irrigation wells; shallow wells and bedrock wells. Shallow wells are usually drilled in less than 50 feet and draw groundwater. Bedrock wells are usually drilled deeper than 100 ft and draw water from aquifers. Both can provide around 10 gallons of water per minute.

If you have decided to install an irrigation system, connect with our experts to better understand the process. Call us now at 954-642-6680 for free quotes or schedule an on-site inspection or discussion.

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