Best Sprinkler Repair Company

Best Sprinkler Repair Company

1.Time To Call the Professionals at All American Sprinkler Repair 

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Best Sprinkler Repair Company

Time To Call the Professionals at All American Sprinkler Repair 

Nothing says ‘house proud’ like a well-manicured lawn filled with green grass mowed to the ideal length. The luxury and thickness is all due to a system of well-timed watering. Like magic, your sprinkler or irrigation systems ensure that your lawn receives adequate moisture to combat the harsh Fort Lauderdale sun and maintain its opulent splendor. What happens when your sprinkler system or irrigation system stops producing the expected results. 

Sprinkler and irrigation systems fail for a variety of reasons. As homeowners, it’s essential to know when a DIY fix will suffice and when it is time to call the professionals at All American Sprinkler Repair.  Our professionals have put together  a quick checklist. These tips will assist in getting water to flow freely from your sprinkler or irrigation system, continuing to provide adequate moisture for your lawn as intended.


When having a problem with sprinkler or irrigation system, check the water sourceDepending on the well, the water could be too acidic or basic for proper lawn health.  Often it is necessary to enlist the services of a professional well drilling company to ascertain a source and implement measures if the well is found to be unsuitable. If a new well is required, know that professional well drillers consider several options before commencing with well drilling. The most critical is the type of soil on which your home is built.  The well must be stable enough that there is no future risk of it caving in. Sandy soil poses a challenge as the component are less stable than rock or clay. Also, appropriate casing and materials are crucial to your well functioning. Contatacting well drilling experts ensure the job is done professionally and safely. 

When you hire the professional well drillers at All American Sprinkler, homeowners can rest easy knowing that they will possess a well built to last. If you know that your water source is shallow, or you have an existing shallow well, you may only need a few shovels of silt and sand removed to get it flowing properly again. Well drilling in Fort Lauderdale Florida is not always a  DIY project, unfortunately. Sometimes you require an expert with the proper equipment to perform this task for you. Whether you need a new well or are dealing with issues from an existing well, it is most often advisable to call in a professional well drilling company.


Sprinkler pumps serve a steady flow of water and provide enough pressure to push water out of the sprinkler head.

Several external factors will affect the pump used, so do your due diligence before you purchase or consult with a professional to ensure purchasing one of the correct sprinkler pump for your property’s watering needs.

If your water source is deep, you will need a sprinkler pump powerful enough to function accordingly. How far you will need to pump the water is also a contributing factor in selecting the correctly sized sprinkler pump. The idea is for your sprinkler pump to cultivate both optimum flow and pressure. You lastly need to consider the size of your lawn, how much yardage is your sprinkler pump required to cover? 

Sprinkler pumps typically break down underground, leaving homeowners trying to figure out what is happening. Leaks, holes, wear and tear, and good old fashioned old age are typically the culprits for sprinkler pumps disintegrating. If you are one of the lucky few with skill in small appliance repair, you may be able to tackle this job on your own. For most Fort Lauderdale homeowners, however, sprinkler pump repair and maintenance requires the intervention of a licensed professional.


Sprinkler systems are a fact of life in Fort Lauderdale. Determining what type of sprinkler system is best for your property is dependent on a couple of factors, including the size of your lawn, personal preference, and water source accessibility. Ultimately, some people enjoy moving their sprinklers from spot to spot for maximum coverage. Most of us, however, prefer the set and be set philosophy and adopt the underground or permanent sprinkler system. The choice is yours.

The reality is that no matter what style sprinkler system you purchase, sooner or later you will need sprinkler repair. Any object running frequently begins to shut down over time. From spray heads, rotors, and irrigation lines, replacements become necessary. Sprinkler repair may be a quick fix for homeowners, so, investigating may help you be able to fix it without professional intervention.

The issue could be something as simple as replacing a spray head, dislodging a build-up, or a simple adjustment. While DIY methods can do the trick, there are situations when no matter what you try, you can’t get it to work.

When your sprinkler repair situation is driving you to distraction, there is no need to get frustrated. Simply call the experts at All American Sprinkler Repair. One of our qualified technicians will come out and access the situation, no worries. Our crew is dedicated to servicing Fort Lauderdale Florida homeowners and offer suggestions on how to maintain a smooth flowing sprinkler system. We do provide regular maintenance packages that may b worth investigating to save you aggravation in the future if you are interested.


Irrigation systems are an excellent, worthwhile investment for most Florida homeowners. Because irrigation systems are typically hidden underground, they are not only functional but practical. Gone are the days of worrying about running over hoses with your lawnmower or accidentally tripping over a misplaced nosel.

Irrigation systems are comprised of several vital components, all of which, unfortunately, have the potential to decay over time. Irrigation repair is just part of the package. 

From water pumps to sprinkler heads, installing and maintaining an irrigation system is not optional if you seek a lasting irrigation system. Regular maintenance of a well-installed irrigation system make irrigation repairs less common, but the reality is that repairs go with the territory. 

While the fact that they are hidden underground is an essential selling point for irrigation systems, it can also be a massive grievance for homeowners when irrigation repair seems imminent.  If you have a hidden talent for repairing irrigation systems and you wish to attempt repairs, the DIY method, go to it! For the rest of us, there are the professionals at All American Sprinkler who cater to irrigation system repair and scheduled maintenance.


All American Sprinklers is the best sprinkler repair, irrigation repair and well drilling service in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Local homeowners trust our superiorly trained technicians with all of their system repair needs. Offering regular maintenance packages, monthly system solutions, and emergency servicing, we are the company Fort Lauderdale residents count on. Call us today.

Sprinkler Repair, Irrigation Repair, Well Drilling Fort Lauderdale? Call All American Sprinklers!

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